Communications Committee 

The purpose of the Communications Committee is:

  • To coordinate the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of NASIG electronic communication resources.
  • To encourage and enable the use of electronic communications throughout the organization -- as a tool for conducting organizational business, as a means of informing the membership about the activities of the organization and as a forum for member communication.
  • To educate and inform the membership in regard to the use and potential of electronic communications media in general, and NASIG website, listservs, and social media forums in particular.
  • To facilitate professional communication within and beyond the membership through SERIALST.

To achieve these goals, members of the committee maintain electronic lists for the entire organization and for individual committees, coordinate mounting and maintaining information on the NASIG web site and social media profiles, and consider options for implementing new electronic services. The NASIG Marketing & Social Media Coordinator is a member of this committee, and is responsible for all external publicity of NASIG events.

The committee works with the Membership Services Committee to coordinate membership and with the Conference Planning and Program Planning Committees to communicate conference information and programming, as well as with various other NASIG committees to assist with their web publishing needs.

If you have any questions you may email the Communications Committee.

Communications Committee Manual Wiki

NASIG Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Documents

Archivist Charge
The responsibility of the archivist is to collect and preserve the papers and electronic documents of NASIG. The archivist will solicit, develop, organize, manage and provide access by means of an inventory to the NASIG archival records. The archivist will maintain communication with the NASIG Board and committee chairs in order to routinely acquire appropriate documents. The archivist will work with the chair of the Communications Committee to determine the scope of and preservation methods for NASIG's automated archival collection. The position of NASIG Archivist is a board appointed position, with a term of appointment not to exceed six years. An Archivist-in-Training may be appointed by the board. You may contact the NASIG Archivist directly.

Committee Annual Reports are available in the NASIG Newsletter and through the Committee Annual Reports page.

Archives Policy & Procedures
Final Report on Electronic Archiving Project
Archive content 1984 - 2006 (Boxes 1-9)
Archive content 1993 - 2010 (Boxes 10-11)
Archive content 2011 - 2014 (Boxes 12 and electronic files)

Co-Chair [listmanager]: Sofia Slutskaya (Emory University), 21/23
Co-Chair [webspinner]:
Amanda Bullington (University of South Carolina Law Library), 21/23
Vice-Chair: CJ Garcia (A.T. Still University), 21/23
Vice-Chair: Anu Moorthy (Georgia Institute of Technology), 22/24


Denis Shannon (University of Wyoming), 22/24
Beth Ashmore (North Carolina State University), 22/24
Matthew Ragucci (Wiley), 22/24
Lisa Barricella (East Carolina University), 22/24
Jeremy Whitt (UCLA Library), 22/24
Erin Calhoun (University of Toronto), 22/24

Peter Whiting (University of Southern Indiana), 20/23

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator:
Steve Oberg (Wheaton College), 21/23

Board Liaison:
Treasa Bane


PMB 305
1902 Ridge Rd
West Seneca, NY 14224-3312

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