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List of Calls NASIG will send out and general dates**

  • Conference Sessions (40 - 50 minute presentation with Q&A)
    • Call opens late October/early November; Call closes December 1, 2023
  • Snapshot Sessions (short 5-minute presentations)
    • Call opens mid-February; Call closes mid-March
  • Great Ideas (posters )
    • Call opens mid-February; Call closes mid-March
  • User Group Meetings
    • Call opens mid-March; Call closes mid-April

**These dates are subject to change. Please refer to the Calls for each submission type for the exact dates.

Submitting a Proposal FAQ*

  • Do I have to be a NASIG member to submit a proposal? No
    • Anyone can submit a proposal
  • Do I have to be an expert in everything librarian? No
    • Early - career librarians are always welcome to submit proposals. We are interested in your experiences.
  • What if my idea is a little outside the box? Great!
    • We are still interested in hearing your thoughts because they may relate to what others are experiencing as well.

*Based on - Hendley, Elizabeth. (2021, August 19). Don't Let These Myths Stop You From Submitting A Conference Proposal. NAFSA Blog.

Rubric Parameters

This rubric is a guide that can be used to inform what the Program Planning Committee sees as important to the success of a proposal and the conference program overall. Although it is not the only measure used by the Program Planning Committee, it is meant as a guide for those submitting proposals and a metric to be consulted by those evaluating the proposals.

Topic Topic is not timely or relevant to NASIG. Topic is unclear in focus or aims. Topic is described too generally. Topic is of interest only to certain user groups/limited amounts of people. Topic aligns with the NASIG Core Competencies, is well thought out, and has wide appeal.
Learning Outcomes Learning outcomes are not relevant to either topic or librarianship Learning outcomes not clearly defined Minimal learning outcomes present but more information is needed to understand what the takeaways will be. Learning outcomes
clearly outline takeaways for participants.
Learning outcomes are
clearly defined, timely, and
relevant/important to the
Proposal Description Description is short and/or vague Description is short and provides minimal information. Description provides some detail but lacks information about what
will be discussed during the session.
Description is well-defined and has some vague ideas about what the goals and outcomes will be. Description clearly defines what the proposed session will be about and what will happen during the session. Background, goals, and outcomes are prevalent and well-defined.


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