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Digital Preservation Committee

The charge of the Digital Preservation Committee is to identify ways in which NASIG can educate and inform its members and the community at large in the ways they can work to ensure digital scholarly content in all formats remains available to future users. The committee will identify and publicize the roles and responsibilities needed for librarians and publishers and will develop some best practices for the industry, including open access. The committee will work collaboratively with other organizations with an interest in digital preservation to ensure that we are working in partnership and broadening the range of our efforts, extending the marketing of appropriate digital preservation activities to a broad range of library administrations and publishers.

Co-Chair: Heather Staines (Delta Think), 20/22
Co-Chair: Michelle Polchow (University of California, Davis), 21/23

Narine Bournoutian (Columbia University), 21/23
Yael Fitzpatrick (PNAS), 20/22
Tessa Minchew (NC State), 21/23
James Phillpotts (Oxford University Press), 20/22
Jessica Rigg (Georgia Southern University), 21/23
Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa), 20/22
Kelly Sheeran (Catholic University of America), 20/22
Frances Steele (Wisconsin Historical Society), 20/22
Abeni Wickham (SciFree), 21/23
Alicia Wise (CLOCKSS), 21/23

Board Liaison:
Katy Divittorio


Please send comments to the Committee.


  • NASIG Digital Preservation Task Force Survey Results, May 1, 2019 (PDF)


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