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Who we are

NASIG is a community of information professionals working in library collections, acquisitions, and cataloging, as well as the broader scholarly communications supply chain. Since 1985, NASIG has worked to promote communication and innovation across these foundational areas of librarianship. We strive to bring together enthusiastic practitioners from across the information community to build relationships and move the profession forward.

Impact of support

The NASIG conference provides an opportunity for librarians, publishers, vendors, and others in the supply chain to meet in a friendly, casual environment. It includes in-depth exploration of ideas through vision sessions and attendee presentations, networking opportunities during a dedicated vendor showcase, and a chance to socialize during the evening reception and dine-arounds. By sponsoring NASIG, you will help support the development of new ideas in many vital areas of librarianship, in addition to sustaining a vibrant community.

NASIG sponsorship will also offer you direct access to information professionals who may wish to learn more about new products, sales models, projects, and directions at your organization. Attendees primarily represent academic libraries, including many ARLs and other large institutions. They work in areas like collection development, licensing, e-resources management, cataloging and metadata, and scholarly communications. The majority NASIG attendees have more than 10 years of experience in the field and are influencers both at their own universities and across the field.

Sponsorship opportunities

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Award Sponsors


Name and logo on the conference website and screen displays

Table at the vendor expo

Reduced registration rate for two attendees

Vendor lightning talk

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Access to conference registration list

Name and logo on the conference website and screen displays

Table at the vendor expo

Reduced registration rate for one attendee

Vendor lightning talk

NASIG newsletter ad

Name and logo on the conference website and screen displays

Table at the vendor expo

Recognition as an award sponsor.

All benefits of the corresponding Tier.

In addition to the standard tiers above, NASIG welcomes the opportunity to work with sponsors to craft custom opportunities, including sponsorship of meals, audio-visual technology, and additional awards.


Hear what some of our attendees had to say after last year’s conference in Atlanta, GA:

“I'm getting some messages from vendors that are really well-targeted after this expo -- better than after other exhibits at other conferences. You can quote me: if a vendor is following up with me after NASIG, I'm going to be a bit more receptive to those messages vs. other conferences now that I see how personalized and *actually* useful they have been.”

“I've been to plenty of conferences. This one was not rushed and had the right amount of time built in between sessions. Perfect!”

“As a vendor, I found the traffic good and the discussions excellent. People came by wanting to chat, which is great for us!”

“Really appreciated the longer lunch on Sunday. A particularly good opportunity for the vendors who hang around to have an informal lunch with clients.”

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